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dCalas-before dcalas   Name : D. Calas
Age : 42
Status: still active (5 yrs)

Met Roger in the park, my 1st goal was  just to get in shape for flag football, then I  realized that I’m on my way to being an  athlete and I enjoy his workout everyday. If you don’t like hard work your not going  to like Roger. The sessions are not easy,  their fun but they have results and that is  what you get from Roger, results and after  that you will have a relationship for life.

kguzman kguzman  
cpaige cpaige  

Name: C. Paige 
Age: 47
Start weight: 196. End weight 179
Status: relocated 

pwood pwooda  
msimon msimon  

Name: M. Simon
Age: 43
Start weight: 176  End weight: 136
Status: active

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 Elaine G.
Name : Elaine G.
Age : 45+
Status : still active (5 yrs)


Roger, you're AMAZING!!!!! You've taken me from frighteningly flabby and out-of-shape to defined and ACTUALLY well en route to BUFF . . . in nine months . . . without injury . . . making it fun . . . and I'm 40+!!!!   #TrainerOfTheYear!!!! 



 J. Novich
Name : J. Novich
Age : 34
Status : still active (1yr+)


Previously, I never worked out other than running. When Roger and I met, he explained that his approach is not like a drill instructor. He said he just expected me not to quit. That positive expectation has been really motivational for me.  I've been seeing Roger nearly every week for a year and it shows. His workouts are always varied, interesting, and educational.

After a year, I am much more confident in my physical abilities and much more willing to push myself past my comfort level, especially in new exercises. This confidence has extended beyond just workouts and into how I approach challenges in life. Roger is patient and caring and my only regret is not having started working with him 

I literally never know what to expect because he seems to have a million different activities and exercises up his sleeves. So I'm hooked and realize how valuable Roger would be in guiding me through new exercises and setting expectations.


 D. Calas
Name : D. Calas
Age : 42
Status : still active (5 yrs)


I've been with Roger for 5 years + and at first my goal was to ready myself for flag football & lose weight. Well since then Roger has taken my fitness to new levels- making me stronger, improved my endurance, helped change my eating habits, educated me, had me lose 60 lbs. last year he trained me in 15 weeks for my 1st 2013 NYC marathon and I completed it without stopping and I'm in my mid 40's.

Roger has been a great coach and now a great friend! You can see my before pictures on his site. I'm so happy we met!

 S. McNeill
Name : S. McNeill
Age : 50+
Status : still active (5 yrs)


I have been working out with Roger for 18 months. He is inspirational, creative, knowledgeable and he makes working out fun.  Even though I had been active for many years, my body changed once I started working with Roger.  

I notice a huge difference in my energy level, overall fitness and strength.  I also have definition in my arms and legs that didn't exist before.  One of our goals was to strengthen my core and by doing so make me a faster runner.  The results of my training were immediately obvious upon completion of the New York Marathon in 2013 --I had shaved 40 minutes off my previous time!  If you want to work with a trainer who will inspire you to succeed and strive for your goals, then Roger is perfect for you.

 M. Calabrese
Name : M. Calabrese
Age : 50+
Status : still active (4 yrs)


My initial goal when I started training with Roger was simple…exercise and lose weight, does anyone want anything else?

4 years later we have escalated the initial goals and they are now limitless.  And I say WE because I feel we work out as a teamRoger talks and listens to you, your needs, your life, your lifestyleRoger knows the human body, muscles, injuries, the complexities and the simplicity of our everyday life combined with physical challenges 

We have fun (yes, fun is possible while getting your ass kicked!!!) We never do the same (predictability is nonexistent while working out the GRAND way)We raise the bar CONSTANTLY (no choice) So you NEVER…EVER feel comfortable at your levelOnce you feel like you have managed a particular level of endurance, Roger is there to shake it upFour years later and weight loss (accomplished to a great degree) is no longer the immediate goal (rather the after effect)Fitness, enduranceI am more active now, at 51 than I ever was in my lifeAnd the more active I am, the more energy I have and the more physically challenging activities I want to do

 A. Strobe
Name : A. Strobe
Age : 45+
Status : still active (5 yrs)


Roger is phenomenal !! His sessions are challenging, yet fun, and he consistently motivates you to reach your greatest athletic potential.

Prior to training with Roger, I had never run more than 4 miles. Roger worked diligently with me to increase my strength, speed and endurance and I completed my first marathon last year (2013).  I am currently training to run my second marathon under his 16 week program and I plan to train for a triathlon as well next year.  Roger is the best ! 

 C. Torres
Name : C. Torres
Age : 40+
Status : still active (3 yrs)


Roger Grand is truly an excellent personal training coach. He is very knowledgeable and the perfect combination of tough (“Coach, you are killing me!”) and warm (“Carolina, you are doing SO well”) and he works with the whole person and gets to know his clients very well – mentally, emotionally and physically. I have been in sports all of my life and trained at various levels so I can truly tell you what a good coach should be and Roger is the highest recommendation.

He has been my coach for the past 3 years and the results that I have achieved are largely due to Roger’s perfect combination of diverse training methods, individualized exercise programs and challenging yet achievable goal setting. His professionalism, extensive knowledge and enthusiastic commitment to his work and ultimately his clients, provides the perfect scenario for success and a healthier life. I went from having ran a few miles to finishing 3 marathons with improvement in time and strength. I have qualified to run the Boston Marathon for the first time. He is the real deal and a standard by which every trainer should be measured.


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