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Why train with Roger Grand?

I’m a ‘Motivational Sergeant’; I guarantee success in achieving your goals, I will teach fitness discipline that will suit your lifestyle and most of all I care about results.

Do you help (marathon) runners and/or can you help me run my first marathon?
Yes. Unlike the traditional running programs that have you eventually lead you to run a max of 19-21 miles,  I have a 16 week training program that never has you exceeding running 16 miles. Contact me for more details or look at the "What They Say" page for first hand results and experiences.

How often do you recommend training with you?
It depends on the fitness level and current regimen you currently have. For those starting for the first time, or getting back into exercising after a long break I recommend 2-3 times per week. Those who have a steady regimen may only require 1-2 per week.

Do you participate in the exercises you instruct your clients on?
Often times I will participate and join to help facilitate momentum, ensure perfect form 
of the given exercise and often times to push the body a little extra.

Do you set or impose goals other than the ones established by your clients?
Yes. Often times I’m able to see a clients potential and will focus on maximizing and 
setting the bar a little higher more often than not going beyond their own expectations.




Training sessions
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What’s the difference between a strength and conditioning coach and a personal trainer?
Personal training is the service, (usually provided by your gym), of guiding you through a workout. Strength and conditioning coaching is the service of guiding you through getting you a fit body (more than just a workout). Having a S&C coach with you every step of the way will help you to avoid confusion and misleading info out there and more so how to maintain fitness as a way of life not a temporary condition.

What is the purpose of you assigning homework?
I am with you for only (1, 2 or 3) hours a week. That leaves 165+ hours where you are on your own. Although I cannot be responsible for what you do when I am not around I try to combat that with fitness homework to further along the progress, help you monitor your diet and stay focused on your goals.

What does the Miami/Mexico Bootcamp entail?
The Miami boot camp has a theme and year to year it has changed. This year it will be “Work hard Play harder”. The work hard portion will be a test of your endurance and overall strength that occurs within an 1 hour and 30 minutes. The play hard portion is a celebration of the dedication you’ve accomplished for the day.   February-April (Mexico) April-June (Miami) may vary year to year. 


For many of us, our waistline is the first place we pack on the pounds and the last place we lose them.
You may do hundreds and hundreds of crunches sit ups and planks and we still will not get the 6 or 8 pack we so desire.  To really trim down on the waistlines, thighs, arms and bottoms, a combination of strength, cardio and proper nutrition is needed.

Fueling your body with enough healthy foods which will give you the energy to get you through the day. What is key here is not to take in more than you are already burning off. To BE A LOSER is to eat smart.

When you change your eating for the better you may see an initial big drop in your weight because of the change and because of the loss of water weight. After this short initial phase if you are dropping 1 to 2 pounds per week you are on the right track.

Bear in mind you can not eliminate carbs, protein or fat from your diet and expect to run on all cylinders the body will counteract by slowing your metabolism down.

The Right Way. The Right Results.
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