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Personal training is the service, (usually provided by your gym), of guiding you through a workout. Strength and conditioning coaching is the service of guiding you through getting you a fit body (more than just a workout). Having a S&C coach with you every step of the way will help you to avoid confusion and misleading info out there and more so how to maintain fitness as a way of life not a temporary condition.

I am with you for only (1, 2 or 3) hours a week. That leaves 165+ hours where you are on your own. Although I cannot be responsible for what you do when I am not around I try to combat that with fitness homework to further along the progress, help you monitor your diet and stay focused on your goals.

The Miami boot camp has a theme and year to year it has changed. This year it will be “Work hard Play harder”. The work hard portion will be a test of your endurance and overall strength that occurs within an 1 hour and 30 minutes. The play hard portion is a celebration of the dedication you’ve accomplished for the day.   February-April (Mexico) April-June (Miami) may vary year to year. 

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